Johnny Scoville also tasted our original Cayetana flavor and gave his feedback here.

My wife came home from shopping at the Paris, TX retail store with a jar of the hot bacon salsa. After carefully and critically examining the label and ingredients, highly doubting that it was something new and different, and expecting perhaps good quality but not unique, I took a half-spoon just to try it. 2/3 of the jar later, some of which was eaten on Julio's chips, some of which was just eaten with a spoon, I secured the jar in the refrigerator with specific instructions that nobody in the household was to touch it. I had carefully measured the remainder for my breakfasts until my recent order could arrive. 
You have created a great salsa! Believe me, I've eaten, or at least I believe I've eaten, as good a homemade salsa as you can find on either side of the border and have done so in every county south of the Nueces river. Yours is as good as it gets. My recent order is to compare the hot and mild. I will try the others too! 

Congratulations on a great product and I can guarantee you I will be eating a lot of 1893 salsa going forward."

~Another Satisfied Texan

We live in Kansas City and were in Houston to see our son and his family. Our sons wife took my wife shopping. They picked up this salsa in a Texas gift shop to gift me for Father’s Day. I really liked it so we looked up the web site on the jar and ordered 6 jars. That should hold me for awhile until we run out and should reorder again. I really enjoyed the fellow that described it on the Internet. He was funny. It’s a great salsa and I’m happy we could order it online and look forward to it arriving."

~Fred from Kansas City

"This was amazing salsa. Do you ship to New Orleans? Thanks Jennifer for getting these for us."

~Marian from New Orleans

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Everyone loved the salsa. It was the perfect touch for everyone to take home. Thank you again."  

~Jennifer from Sugar Land, TX

"Hi! I just wanted to give a little feedback on Blueberry Hill salsa...LIFE CHANGING! The flavors are absolutely amazing...Thank you for doing what you do...I can never eat store bought salsa again...and I wanted to give a shout out to Chase the Heat for the review of your wares!"

~Satisfied Online Customer

"1893 Salsa is by far the best salsa I have had in a very long time, and trust me I live in the South so I know a great salsa when I try one. Would definitely recommend to anyone in the search of some top of the line salsa just to eat, host a party, company gifts or even weddings!"

~Heather from Sugar Land,TX

"Just had some of the Cayetana salsa - it's quite tasty! Definitely can't get that just anywhere!" 

~Kathleen from Kingwood, TX

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