"Hi! I just wanted to give a little feedback on Blueberry Hill salsa...LIFE CHANGING! The flavors are absolutely amazing...Thank you for doing what you do...I can never eat store bought salsa again...and I wanted to give a shout out to Chase the Heat for the review of your wares!" 

~ Satisfied Online Customer

"1893 Salsa is by far the best salsa I have had in a very long time, and trust me I live in the South so I know a great salsa when I try one. Would definitely recommend to anyone in the search of some top of the line salsa just to eat, host a party,company gifts or even wedding!"

~Heather from Sugar Land, TX

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"Just had some of the Cayetana salsa - it's quite tasty! Definitely can't get that just anywhere!"

~Kathleen from Kingwood, TX

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