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3 Jar Mix Cardboard Gift Carrier – MILD
Price: $25.00
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Enjoy one of each! Cayetana, This Little Piggy, and Blueberry Hill - all MILD and ready to be easily carried to the person you'd like to receive this ready-made gift!

3 Jar Mix Crate - MILD
Price: $28.00
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One jar of each, Cayetana, This Little Piggy, and Blueberry Hill, all HOT, for your taste test! Comes packaged in a re-useable, wooden crate and is perfect for a quick gift to the Host of any party!

Cayetana Salsa - MILD
Price: $8.00
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1893's original mild salsa is characterized as a perfect balance between sweet and a little heat. Your taste buds will undergo a transformation as the flavors evolve from sweet to spicy. If you're ready to keep it just a tad cool, this 1893 Cayetana Mild Salsa is just the thing! The addition of habanero peppers is what allows Cayetana Mild to blend the sweet and lesser heat into a flavorful experience.

This Little Piggy Salsa - MILD
Price: $8.00
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Everything tastes better with bacon! Our original 1893's Mild Cayetana is transformed with the addition of bacon and still maintains that unique blend of sweet and spicy flavors. Brighten up your taste buds with 1893's This Little Piggy Mild Salsa today! You'll be squealing in delight all the way home!

Blueberry Hill - MILD
Price: $8.00
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A wonderful combination of blueberry and bacon will make this your favorite mild salsa. You will find your thrill on Blueberry Hill with this unique blend of original salsa flavors with a modern twist. As with our original 1893 Salsa, we have added habanero peppers, but not too many, to give you a bigger thrill with our 1893 Blueberry Mild Salsa. This way if you're not ready for the heat, you can enjoy our 1893 Blueberry Mild Salsa and save yourself the sweat!